Hospital to Home

Wellness Watchers provides services in retirement communities, hospitals and nursing home facilities.

Unfortunately, anyone can be hospitalized, whether it’s planned or unplanned. Returning home after discharge can cause some anxiety, especially if you’re not prepared.

Minor surgery can temporally inhibit you from performing household chores like cooking and cleaning. Maybe you need someone to run errands due to driving restrictions.

Perhaps you or your loved ones don’t feel comfortable being home alone, especially if you’re at a higher risk for falls. Safety is always first. At Wellness Watchers, we’re here for you during recovery.

We can assist with transportation to follow-up appointments, nutrition management, medication management and general observations. As trained professionals, while we are caring for you or your loved ones, we will note and inform you of any noticeable changes in condition. This will enable you to have valuable information to share with the physician and health care team for future care planning and treatment.